How to advertise your Teardrop Flags online

How to advertise your Custom Teardrop Flags on Instagram

Remember that I told you that Instagram is the hottest social media? I’m not kidding, though you have to take your Photoshop skills, which may prove to be the most ingenious marketing action ever. Let yourself design your custom Teardrop Flags, or even better, ask your professional designer to help. Then, just photoshop logo and phrases, and promote it in Instagram. You can see a lot from the comments you will receive. If the Teardrop Banner has a high selling appeal, you will make it very rich at the beginning of the campaign.

How to advertise your Teardrop Banners on Facebook

There are two ways to promote your Teardrop Banners advertising campaign with your friends little help on Facebook. The first one is free, and for the second option you will need to cash out. Each option involves two ways to setup.

Let your face count on the wall of the wall!

Post a link to your campaign’s main URL on your own Facebook page and start calling your friends and relatives to do the same thing. Explain your campaign, your main reason, do not forget to have your other media, we discussed previously like YouTube videos, Instagram photos and your blog entries. Everything is very important The more people put these on the wall of the Facebook, people will see them. this is very simple.

Create a Facebook fan page!

The second option that you have for your disposal is to build a Facebook fan page. Go to this link and select the most appropriate category. In this case, it is a local business or a local category. Then select “Shopping / Retail” as the main subcategory, enter the name of the Custom Teardrop Banners campaign, or better, focus on the niche, and click the “Getting Started” button.

You can easily follow the next steps suggested by facebook, at any time you will have your own facebook fan page. Here you can dedicate the whole part to your Teardrop Flag campaign, if you want, and again ask your friends and family to do so. You can suggest that friends and family of this page share the same passion with you, or if you think they would like the Teardrop Flags anyway.

Do not let it look like a Teardrop Banner sales page, people do not want to contact with the business to promote annoying offers. What they want is entertainment! As I have just said, Teardrop Banners are advertising items. Creating an interesting design Custom Teardrop Flags, you are almost hinting and announcing your passion and interest in this world.

You do not have to live in a mansion or driving a killer to do, just setup your Teardrop Flags in your storefront. That’s what I want you to tell people to teach them the advertising value of Teardrop Signs. Everyone likes to be always interested in what you do. What you have to do is get people involved. That’s it.